Hello, My Name Is Chefodex

We haven’t met yet, but we imagine you’re checking us out because you like food and are curious about what we have to offer. Let us start by introducing ourselves in what seems to be the most preferred way these days: virtually.

Over the past decade, we’ve amassed our fair share of chef connections. Who are we? We are two industry friends and former restaurant tech co-workers, who, after several months, decided to turn our network of contacts into an online marketplace for connoisseurs such as yourself. Eventually, Chefodex will launch in other food-centric cities, but for right now, it’s available only in Seattle.

If you’ve ever been in need of a chef, whether for a dinner party, corporate event, fundraiser, or anything else, consider Chefodex your personal chef matchmaker. All you have to do is pick your chef — or let us pick one for you — give us a few details about your needs, and we’ll vet the perfect chef for your particular occasion. It really is that easy! No more calling restaurants, Facebook stalking or pestering foodie friends to try and pin down the chef of your dreams. Your next chef is just a few clicks away!

Some things to keep in mind when using Chefodex. These are hand-picked chefs; much of their value lies in their talent, professionalism, skill and reputation. These chefs range from up-and-comers to executive chefs, restaurateurs and celebrity chefs. Know that when you work with one of our chefs, you are working with someone who is highly regarded not just by Chefodex, but by your city’s restaurant community. Many of them are in high-demand, but we will work hard to bring you the chef that best fits your event profile.

Take a look around, get acquainted with our chefs, and above all, happy eating!

The Chefodex Team

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Julia Wayne
4 years 10 months ago

Congratulations, Julien & team! This is such a cool service. Can you start a second service that invites people to the parties with the cool chefs?